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The duality of wicks and flameless...

Nothing is better than the sweet fragrance of a high-quality candle.  The creamy soy wax melts softly with your  favorite permeating scent.  That and your favorite music, and you have created the ultimate ambiance.

In the last few years consumers have shown a growing interest ​in candles that  are battery operated. 

 First, many consumers are more comfortable with the safety of a flameless candle; and the flicker looks like a real flame.

 Second, and particularly with our sculptural designs, electric candles allow the flicker to last forever while keeping the candle in tact.  I can't even count how many times I have heard about my candles:  "This is too pretty to burn!".

And last but certainly not least, LED lighting has revolutionized the use of task and ambient lighting.  It is inexpensive, and offers an unlimited spectrum of color.

Jane  McDermott Kadlub​, 


After 30 years as a kitchen designer, I decided to semi-retire. This gave me the opportunity to return to three-dimensional crafts, and have more time for my son, who has Downs Syndrome. 

 Jordan is 26 years old; and keeps me young.  He taught me how to get up when knocked down, and continue to enjoy life.